Artist Statement 

Last Revised June 2016

I have been doing collage for as long as I can remember. Eventually I went beyond cutting and pasting and starting experimenting with mixed-media and what I refer to as “deconstruction”.  I enjoy the process of making art, living in the moment, and the Buddhist concept of impermanence. After I make what appears to be a finished product, I often times destroy it to make multiple pieces. I never miss what I had before, and I always embrace what is in front of me.

A word I use in my work is “topophilia” which means the love of place. You can see my love of place in just about everything I make. As someone who identifies as biracial and multicultural, I embrace the representation of personal geographies in my work. This philosophy of place wellness is something I absolutely cannot live without.

I also started taking pictures a few years ago to supplement the blog I was doing at the time. I love color and light and using nature and the seasons as a backdrop.

Art journaling combines all that I love and am passionate about, while providing a therapeutic outlet to express myself creatively and personally. I use vintage ephemera (collecting and selling vintage papergoods is also something I do!) in all my journals. In art journaling I am able to combine collage, mixed-media and deconstructive techniques with history, culture and community.

I continue to work on growing my portfolio with my large collection of ephemera, a sort of creative preservation. I am dedicated to teaching healing and process art through analog collage, art journaling, mixed-media painting and social justice/community art. I also continue to hold sessions and speaking engagements on my experiences with healing art, ephemeral joy and place wellness.

My art mantra which I emphasize to all my students is to:

1. Challenge yourself to work outside your comfort zone.

2. Embrace the unexpected.

3. Live in the moment—try not to overthink what you are creating.